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Contactum Georgian with White Insert

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  1. Contactum Georgian Brass 10 Amp Switch with White Insert
  2. Contactum Georgian Brass 13 Amp Double Pole Switched Socket White Insert
  3. Contactum 3796GBW Georgian Brass 20A Double Pole Switch White Insert
  4. Contactum 3756GBW Georgian Brass 1 Gang 45A Double Pole Red Switch (1 Gang Plate) White Insert
  5. Contactum 3747GBW Georgian Brass 1 Gang 45A DP Vertical Red Switch with Neon White Insert
  6. Contactum 3147GBW Georgian Brass 1 Gang Non-Isolated Coaxial Socket White Insert
  7. Contactum 3148GBW Georgian Brass 2 Gang Non-Isolated Coaxial Socket with 2 Downleads White Insert
  8. Contactum Georgian Brass Telephone Socket White Insert
  9. Contactum 3367GBW Georgian Brass 13A Double Pole Switched Spur with Neon White Insert
  10. Contactum 3150GBW Georgian Brass 2 Gang Coaxial & Satellite Socket White Insert
  11. Contactum 3366GBW Georgian Brass 13A Double Pole Switched Connection Unit White Insert
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