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SikaBond PVA 5L
Manufacturer: Sika Ltd
Manufacturer Part Code:18PVA05
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General purpose economic adhesive, sealer and mortar improver.

Typical Uses

  • Bonding agent for concrete, renders, screeds and plaster.
  • Seal coat for porous surfaces eg plaster to minimise dusting.
  • Admixture in cement renders and screeds where thin or jointless floor toppings are to be laid.
  • Adhesive for most common materials to bond to themselves and each other, except rubber, polythene or PVC.


  • Easy to use.
  • Improves cohesion and workability.
  • Excellent adhesion.

    Agitate before use. Ensure the substrate is sound, clean and free of dirt, dust and grease. Remove all paint, cracked, loose or flaking render or plaster, etc. For all absorbent substrates, such as plaster, concrete and render, seal the surface with diluted SikaBond® PVA, dilution dependant upon porosity between 1 part SikaBond® PVA and 3 to 6 parts clean water. Allow to dry, then apply a bonding coat using 1 part SikaBond® PVA and 0.5 to 2 parts clean water. For nonabsorbent surfaces the sealer coat may be omitted. Apply the cement render, screed or plaster whilst the bonding coat is still tacky. If dry, re-apply. Cure all finished areas in line with good site practice. Coverage: Neat 1 litre per 6-12 m2. Diluted 1:1, 1litre per 12-24m2. Diluted 1:3, 1 litre per 18-36m2. Consumption will vary dependant upon porosity. SikaBond® PVA is recommended for internal use only. For full details, limitations etc. refer to product label, data sheet or contact Sika Limited.

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