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Big Cheese

Rodents are the most common type of pest problem in Britain today. Rats and mice not only cause economic loss through damage on farms and in commercial premises, they carry disease and can be harmful to your home and family health.

The Big Cheese offers both curative products, to control infestations that already exist and preventative products, to deter mice or rats from moving into vulnerable areas.
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  1. The Big Cheese Baited Mouse Trap Ready To Use STV100
  2. The Big Cheese Baited Rat Trap Ready To Use STV110
  3. The Big Cheese Live Capture Mouse Trap Twinpack STV155
  4. The Big Cheese Rat & Mouse Killer 5 x 40g Bait Pack STV144
  5. The Big Cheese Self Set Mouse Trap TVS160
    The Big Cheese Self Set Mouse Trap TVS160 From £1.950 ex VAT £2.340 inc VAT
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