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Flue Sealants

C & W Berry can supply a range of flue sealants recommended for sealing joints in domestic flues. These sealants can either be paste, silicone or compound. The silicone sealer is non flamable and can withstand repeated temperatures of a domestic gas flue. When dry the texture is like that of rubber and does not shrink or crack with heat yet remains pliable. The compound is easy to work into gaps and joints and does not harden allowing small movements without cracking.

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  1. Dunbrik Flue Block Silicone Sealant 310ml Cartridge 1581
  2. Dunbrik Dunseal Fireproof Mortar Paste 310ml cartridge
  3. Flue Jointing Compound 1kg - PCFJC1
    Flue Jointing Compound 1kg - PCFJC1 From £9.740 ex VAT £11.690 inc VAT
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