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6mm to Dust Grano

6mm to Dust Grano M02110088
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6mm to Dust Grano
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6mm to Dust Grano is a gritty, durable aggregate, usually formed from ground limestone or granite creating a versatile material used in a wide range of applications. Being a very fine, 6mm to dust crushed stone, Grano is typically applied as a hard-wearing surface layer beneath artificial grass or block paving, or even used as a component in a concrete or mortar mix. When mixing with cement, Grano offers a sturdier mortar than using a traditional sand and cement mix but a far more workable medium than concrete. A granolithic mortar mix is commonly used for manhole benching or as a screed above existing concrete floors.

Often referred to as granite dust, our Grano is available in both 25kg approx. handi bags or in bulk grab bags and can vary in colour and size.

Please note: this product comes from a natural source and may vary in colour, size, and texture. Not considered a decorative product and cannot be returned once delivered.

Key Features

  • Typically comprised of ground limestone or granite
  • Commonly used as a surface layer for artificial grass or block paving
  • Mix with cement to make a granolithic mortar mix
  • Coarser than sand but much finer than hardcore


  • 6mm to dust Grano, in 25kg (approx.) handi bags and grab bags
  • 31 July 2017
    This Granno is the best I have ever used. I can't get enough of the stuff.

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