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Bricks including high-quality Engineering, Common, Air, Special and Facing brick, in different textures and colours from leading suppliers at C & W Berry.

For 64 years we have been a leading Builders Merchant you can trust. Offering an extensive range of premium quality building materials we are confident that you will find what you are looking for.


Commonly used across the UK in building projects, this is a durable product, requiring little or no maintenance, with good load bearing properties and high thermal mass.

Bricks can be handmade or extruded. The formation of the brick enables different stretcher and header textures, colours and finishes to be achieved.

An appearance of age can be achieved through brick type. Stock bricks, with uneven stretcher arris, rough textures and colour flashes may be more suitable to extensions, or traditional builds. Precise, wire-cut, single colour, extruded bricks with a contemporary appearance may be more suited to new or newer builds.

Often used as the exterior wall to blockwork, the facing brick is designed to be weather resistant. C & W Berry stock leading manufacturers including Ibstock, Wienerberger, Forterra, Snowie, Tyrone, Cheshire, Lagan and Northcot.
Alongside the expansive online range, our offline Brick Library displays hundreds of brick types to help you match existing brick or choose the perfect product for your needs. 
Explore colour and texture, size and strength with ease, or for further help, you can use the in-house Brick Matching Service by contacting our Heavyside Team.

Useful product terminology:

Extruded bricks with three vertical holes piercing top to bottom are known as perforated bricks.
Stock bricks with an indentation to the top bed face created during moulding or pressing are said to have a Frog,
The aris is any straight edge of a brick where two faces join.
The long face of a brick is known as the stretcher. This is the side of the brick that will be seen in a wall if the brick is laid brick-on-bed or in soldier courses.
The end face of the brick is known as the header, and this shorter edge is visible if the brick is laid brick-on-edge. This can often be used as a capping row to add detail at the top of a wall.

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