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Online Bricks, building brick with good load-bearing properties from leading construction manufacturers; Wienerberger, Ibstock and Forterra. Diverse brick colours and textures for you to choose from each requiring little or no maintenance. Build with confidence using engineering, common, air, special and facing designs on your build.


We stock leading manufacturers including Ibstock, Wienerberger, Forterra, Snowie, Tyrone, Cheshire, Lagan and Northcot.

If you are seeking an aged of contemporary appearance, both can be achieved through the choice of facing brick. An appearance of age and an older build can be created with weathered traditional ranges. These products display an uneven stretcher arris and have a rough texture. Colour flashes also enhance the impression of wear and an appearance of age. Selecting traditional ranges can allow you to match existing brickwork.

A modern appearance can be achieved with, precise, wire-cut ranges. Displaying a smooth outer edge which has the appearance of less age or weathering. Single colours also help to create a clean facade without the appearance of wear and may be more suited to new or contemporary builds.

Our in-house offline Library enables you to match existing or choose the perfect new product for your needs.

Specials enable the cuts and angles achieved by experienced craftsmen to be replicated, saving time and providing accuracy on a build. While engineering and commons provide strength acid resistance and low water porosity.

Useful product terminology for this product include:

Perforated – This is an extruded variety with three vertical holes piercing top to bottom is known as perforated.

Frog - One deep indentation to the top bed face, which is created during moulding or pressing, is known as a Frog,

Arris - The arris is any straight edge of this product where two faces join.

Stretcher - The long face of this product is known as the stretcher. The stretcher is the side that will be seen externally in a wall laid on-bed in soldier courses.

Header - The end face is known as the header, and this shorter edge is visible if it is laid on edge. This can often be used as a capping row to add detail at the top of a wall.

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