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215mm Terracotta Air Brick Square Hole

215mm Terracotta Air Brick Square Hole M02011001
215mm Terracotta Air Brick Square Hole
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215mm Terracotta Air Brick Square Hole
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Terracotta square hole air bricks, also referred to as vent bricks, are used internally and externally to achieve the necessary levels of permanent ventilation stipulated in Building Regulations Approved Document J 2010. They are 215mm wide by 65mm or 140mm high and are available in either a fade-resistant buff or red finish. Square hole air bricks are suitable for both new-build and refurbishment projects and are a vital component in any property with a raised timber flooring or a gas appliance.

What are Air Bricks?

Air bricks allow air to circulate underneath ground floors when used in conjunction with cavity liners and are generally used on properties with timber or block and beam floors. As these floors do not directly sit on the ground, the air between the void can become stale and humid, which in turn increases the moisture content between the void. When left to cool condensation forms, which can lead to rot and in worse case scenarios, dry rot. With the use of air bricks the air freely circulates, thus regulating air temperature and preventing condensation from forming. Air bricks are also employed in rooms that contain gas appliances and fires to ensure adequate ventilation is achieved.

Key Features

  • Made to withstand thermal changes.
  • Resistant to frost and the freeze / thaw cycle.
  • Square hole design to prevent the build-up of condensation.
  • Complies with BS 493:1995+A1:2010 specification for air bricks for wall ventilation.
  • Terracotta merges effectively with exterior brickwork.
  • Prevents trapped pockets of moisture building up in voids.
  • Manufactured by W T Knowles & Sons.

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