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Timloc 2010P Cavity System External 90°Corner

Timloc 2010P Cavity System External 90°Corner 02270493
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Timloc 2010P Cavity System External 90°Corner
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The horizontal cavity tray system can be used for all types of brick, block and stone constructions.


At the abutment of a flat roof with a cavity wall.
At the abutment of a lean-to or mono pitch roof with a cavity wall.
Over concrete ring beams, airbricks, cavity liners, ducts, meter boxes, etc.
On external walls - not exceeding 102.5mm in thickness - built from standard brickwork, blockwork or stone.
Cavity widths of between 50mm-125mm.

Features and benefits:

150mm high back upstand exceeds minimum requirements.
Low profile lapped joint between sections allows any length of brick, block or stone to be used without difficulty.
Installation does not rely on a high degree of accuracy by the bricklayer.
Angled section between cavity tray base and rear upstand automatically sheds water to the outer leaf.
Cavity tray builds into the outer leaf only to speed up installation and allow both inner and outer leafs to be built independently if required.
The system is available with pre-applied polystyrene strips. Polystyrene is much easier to rake out than mortar and offers a visual locator of the cavity tray so aiding the installation of post fitted lead work.

Products in this system:


The main cavity tray component. Sections join together by means of a lapped joint, sealed with factory applied butyl mastic tape, to form the main cavity tray run.
Water is gathered by the cavity trays and is discharged from the wall through a series of weep holes.


Allow the integrity of the main cavity tray run to be maintained when it is necessary to turn a corner on a building.
Available in either external or internal format.


Fitted at the start and finish of the cavity tray run to seal off the open ends and prevent water running back into the cavity.

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