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Timloc Everdry Polystrip 10031P 225mm Stopend Starter Cavity Tray

Timloc Everdry Polystrip 10031P 225mm Stopend Starter Cavity Tray 02270554
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Timloc Everdry Polystrip 10031P 225mm Stopend Starter Cavity Tray
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The adjustable Everdry cavity trays are a stepped abutment cavity tray system for multi cavity options in brick wall construction of 75mm course heights.


At the abutment of a pitched roof with a cavity wall.
In external walls not exceeding 120mm thickness built from standard brickwork or similar sized components with regular course heights, including mortar of approx. 75mm.
On roof pitches of 25 degrees and above.
Cavity widths of between 50mm-110mm.

Features and benefits

195mm high back upstand.
Adjustable upstand to cover 50mm-110mm cavities.
Roof pitch marks on tray upstand to give installation guidance.
Cavity tray builds into outer leaf only to speed up installation and allowing both inner and outer leafs to be built independently if required.
Optional longer Cavity tray for roof pitches less than 25 degrees.
The system is supplied with pre-applied polystyrene strips.
Polystyrene is much easier to rake out than mortar and offers a visual locator of the cavity tray so aiding the installation of post fitted lead work.


Complies with all relevant Building Regulations.
BBA approved.
Meets all relevant British Standards.
All components in the range are injection moulded in 2mm polypropylene to give the cavity tray added durability, toughness and quality.

Products in this system:

Suits all cavity options it forms main tray run with one tray on each course of brickwork running the full length of the abutting roof slope.

This is the first component to be installed and fitted at the lowest point on a standard abutment.
It collects water gathered by the rest of the system and discharges it from the wall through a weep unit.

This product has same function as stopend starter tray but is used where the abutting roof comes up to, or beyond, the corner of the main building.
Designed to return around the corner of the building to provide complete protection.

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