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Available in hydrated or hydraulic options, lime is commonly used in conservation projects with soft, historic brick or natural stone. In comparison to Portland alternatives, lime can readily handle the transmission of water vapour between the inside and outside of a masonry wall and allows buildings to naturally breathe. When combined with sand and water, lime binds gently, provides good adhesion to masonry surfaces, and can be used in national heritage and grade 2 listed buildings (dependent on type).

Offering excellent plasticity, cohesiveness and workability, Hanson Natural Hydraulic Lime is available in three different strengths of 2, 3.5 and 5. It can be used throughout properties in varying capacities and its strengths and benefits are as follows:

  • NHL 2 - Internal Lime pointing, renovation of soft or crumbling stone
  • NHL 3.5 - General building mortar, external renders and pointing
  • NHL 5 - Limecrete floors, external render in highly exposed areas (stone wall properties in close proximity to the coast), and exposed chimneys and copings

For technical information regarding our range of hydrated, natural hydraulic and traditionally matured lime putty’s, please click on the links below. We also offer a selection brick jointers, rakers and chisels, as well as a selection of building sands and personal protective equipment.

Hydrated & Hydraulic Lime

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  1. Hanson Natural Hydraulic Lime Grade 5 NHL5 25kg Hanson Natural Hydraulic Lime Grade 5 NHL5 25kg
    Hanson Natural Hydraulic Lime Grade 5 NHL5 25kg From £12.740 ex VAT £15.290 inc VAT
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