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Jetcem Rapid Set Sand & Cement

Jetcem Rapid Set Sand & Cement M02130117
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Jetcem Rapid Set Sand & Cement
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Jetcem Rapid Set Sand and Cement is a specially formulated rapid setting cement-based patching/ repair compound which when mixed with water sets in about 30 minutes. This ensures that jobs can be carried out efficiently when a quick setting time is needed, in addition to this, the product sets in cold and wet conditions, increasing the usability. The product is compliant to BSEN1504-3 Class R3.

Some examples of when the Jetcem Rapid Set Sand and Cement can be used are as follows: for internal, and external repairs to gaps and cracks, repairing flags, slabs, stones and bricks, pointing brick and stone, jointing earthenware pipes and drains. As you can see the product has various uses, duo to its easy mixing and application process. The mix can be applied with a basic trowel.


Jetcem Rapid Set Sand and Cement is packaged in a plastic, weatherproof bag which comes in two sizes: 2 and 6 KG.
This product can be bought in single bags, with a selection of two sizes for efficiency for the customer.

Key Features

  • Rapid setting (30 minutes, depending on ambient temperature and conditions).
  • Easy mixing, just add water.
  • Fills up to 25mm in one application
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Can set in wet conditions

Other Information

Jetcem Rapid Set Sand and Cement should be stored in cool dry conditions between +5°C and +25°C. Storing the product outside these values will significantly decrease shelf lifetime (12 months). When using the product, the user should wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure that the product does not irritate the skin. If this does happen, wash the area thoroughly with clean water.

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