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Aco Plastic Channel Corner Unit A15 (319732)

Aco Plastic Channel Corner Unit A15 (319732) 02170048
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Aco Plastic Channel Corner Unit A15 (319732)
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Aco Plastic Channel Corner Unit A15 (319732)is manufactured from recycled polypropylene and designed for use on patios, paths and minimally trafficked areas up to a Load Class A15. The shallow channel drain corner unit is used to create corners and junctions without the need to mitre joints, saving time and money.

Designed to connect a channel from any of the 4 sides - as well as accepting a 110mm pipe directly - it enables channels to simply be friction clipped into the channel corner. Each corner quad has four blanking caps and allows a change in direction by 90°, the creation of a T-junction, or the creation of a four way connection.


Material: Recycled Polypropylene
Standards: A15 loading to BS EN1433:2002
Certified: To load class A 15
EU safety: CE Marked
Dimensions: 125mm (l) x 125mm (w) x 125mm (h)

Key Features

  • Allows the change of direction by 90°
  • Able to create a T junction or form a four way connection
  • Leaf guard cover to prevent debris entering the channel
  • Saves time by creating corners and junctions
  • Anti-slip tread pattern for safety underfoot
  • Makes installing drain channels easier
  • Eco Friendly 100% recycled
  • Friction fit

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