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MDF 5.40mtr - Primed PSE Square Edged

MDF 5.40mtr - Primed PSE Square Edged M01071069
MDF 5.40mtr - Primed PSE Square Edged
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MDF skirting boards and architraves are knot free, warp free and defect free that means less preparation and decorating.

All MDF skirting boards and architraves are twice primed and denibbed leaving you with a quality product.

MDF mouldings must be stored in dry, well ventilated conditions, stacked flat on a minimum of 4 bearers.

Manufactured from moisture resistant MDF they suitable for internal use in all new build and refurbishment projects.

It is essential that new plasterwork is dry prior to fixing.

MDF mouldings should be sawn with a fine toothed saw.

Recessing, such as for hinges, may be carried out with a router, or in the traditional manner, using a sharp chisel taking small cuts.
If mechanical extraction of saw dust is impractical then the sawing should be carried out in well ventilated conditions.

Mouldings are commonly glued to the wall using a quality gap filling adhesive but can also be screwed or nailed.

Cross nailing, such as with mitres of architraves, is not recommended.

Filling of nail heads should be carried out using a good quality non water based shrink resistant filler.

All our MDF skirting boards and architraves are chain of custody certified.

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