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Laserliner Multimeter Home

Laserliner Multimeter Home 05900379
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The Laserliner Multimeter Home is a compact analogue multimeter for measuring tasks at home and for hobbies. This multimeter provides reliable, fast and precise voltage, current and resistance measurements. The multimeter has a battery test function for measuring battery charge status. This is an easy-to-use multimeter with a large analogue scale, rotary function knob and diode test function. The multimeter has a compact design with an integrated test prod holder.

Max. Input Voltage 300V AC/DC
Voltage Range

V/DC 12V - 300V +/-5%

VAC 60V - 300V +/-5%

Current Range AC/DC 30mA - 600mA +/-5%
Resistance Range X10Ω - X1KΩ +/-5%
Resistance Test Voltage Max. 3.2V
Batteries 1.5V Round Cells / AA, AAA, C, D 9.0V Flat Cells / E-Block
Input Sensitivity 2KΩ (Final Voltage/V e.g. 2KΩ * 300V/V = 600KΩ
Fuse 630 mA / 300V, (Ø 5 X 20mm)
Protection Class II, Double Insulation
Overvoltage CatIII - 300V
Polution Degree 2
Degree of Protection IP20
Max. Rel. Humidity <80% rH Non-Condensing
Operating Temperature 0 - 40°C
Storage Temperature 0 - 50°C
Power Supply 1 x 1.5V Type AAA
Dimensions 82 x 116 x 25mm
Weight Inc. Battery 166gm


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