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Reisser Decking Screw

Reisser Decking Screw M03033571
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Reisser Decking Screw
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Reisser Decking Screws (200 per tub) are manufactured from hardened steel with a bronze nano coating that ensures lasting resistance to corrosion. Specifically designed for fixing decking boards to frames, the fast start ‘spiral’ point provides instant grab and a pre-drill function to help eliminate splitting. The screws have a wide single thread centre that ensure optimum driving torque and accept a standard square drive no. 2 bit.

These hardened steel screws are also lubricated and have a minimum 30° bending angle that helps reduce the risk of shearing through timber expansion. They have tornado ribs under the head that help to ease countersinking and provide a more attractive finish. A superior fixing is also achieved by the two variating thread patterns, the second thread under the head is designed to engage with the board to prevent movement, while the wide, deep thread on the shaft provides high pull-out resistance into the joists.

Available in a range of size of options including 4.5 x 50mm, 4.5 x 63mm and 4.8 x 70mm in 200 pack tubs, Reisser Decking Screws help to ensure no board movement and consistent quality.

Key Features

  • Specifically designed for fixing decking boards to joists / frames
  • 3 separate ‘intro’ threads give rapid acceleration into decking
  • 30° bending angle, reducing the risk of shearing through timber expansion
  • 2000 hours protection on a salt spray test and 15 years outdoor protection
  • Ensures optimum driving torque and no risk of jumping or scratching
  • Tornado ribs ease countersinking to prevent splits or damage around screw head
  • Provides excellent holding power in the timber frame


  • Manufactured from hardened steel with a bronze nano coating in a range of size options including:

- 4.5 x 50mm (200 per tub)
- 4.5 x 63mm (200 per tub)
- 4.8 x 70mm (200 per tub)

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