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Timco Organic Green Decking Screw

Timco Organic Green Decking Screw M03033505
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Timco Organic Green Decking Screw
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Timco Organic Green Hex Decking Screws are designed as an alternative to the traditional coach screw mainly used for timber-to-timber applications. They are coated with a patented multi-layer corrosion resistant plating that can withstand up to a thousand hours of salt spray, making them ideal for external applications.

Key Features

  • Helix shank for removing debris and to improve clamping
  • Withstands up to 1,000 hours of salt spray in accordance with BS EN 9227:2012
  • 50° deep single thread to provide a secure fixing with high pull-out resistance
  • Single slash point to reduce torque and the risk of timber splitting at low edge distance
  • Patented lubrication, designed to enhance screw insertion time
  • Long lasting corrosion resistant plating


  • Timco Organic green hex decking screws available in 50mm, 65mm and 75mm lengths
  • 07 September 2016
    I have used Timco decking screws before but they have now been replaced by these. They are very impressive. They self-drill very easily, even through knots, and only need a pilot hole if you are very close to the edge of the timber. They also self-countersink very effectively thanks to the under-head ribs. The torx drive is a vast improvement over the old square drive. The only thing I did was purchase a separate T20 torx bit suitable for an impact driver as the standard bits provided in this kind of pack are rarely up to repeated driving, even with a normal combi-drill. The T20 bits cost less than �3 for a pack of 3 so don't add much additional cost. Overall, I am very impressed with these screws and will be using them again. I would recommend these screws for your decking project.
  • 05 September 2016
    I've used Timco decking screws before but these are a vast improvement. They self drill well even through knots and self countersink cleanly. They form a strong hold to the joist. The torx drive is much better than the square drive on the previous screws. I bought a separate torx T20 bit rated for use in an impact driver as the included bit is not the strongest. These only cost &3 for a pack of three bits so it's worth doing. I would recommend these screws.

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