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Bearing Hinges

From radius cornered bearing hinges to square cornered bearing hinges C & W Berry can supply a wide range of bearing hinges in varying sizes and finishes to match your décor and complete a professional job.

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  1. Eurospec HIN14325/13 102mm x 76mm x 2.5mm Grade 13 Pack of 3 Ball Bearing Hinges
  2. Eurospec HIN1322 76mm x 51mm Bearing Hinges - Pair
  3. Eurospec HIN1433 102mm x 76mm Pair of Bearing Hinges
  4. Eurospec HIN13225/11 3" x 2" Grade 11 Pair of Bearing Hinges
  5. Zoo Hardware Bearing Hinge 3 x 2 2mm SS Pair ZHSS232S
  6. Zoo Hardware ZHSS232P Polished Stainless Steel Bearing Hinge 76mm x 50mm
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