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From ear plugs and face masks to safety helmets and fall arrest equipment C & W Berry have a wide range of PPE (personal, protection equipment) to keep you safe at work and when doing jobs around the home. With national delivery from Lancashire to London, this extensive range has been designed and manufactured to help you to comply with mandatory standards for public and private sector workplaces.

Hazards in the working environment include noise. The dangers can be as a result of the level of the sound or the length of time you are exposed to the sound. Exposure to intrusive, heightened sound levels can result in damage to hearing. Our product range of ear plugs and ear defenders from leading manufacturers Moldex and Beeswift are designed to provide acoustic protection.

Our respiratory protective equipment (RPE) range includes everything from disposable masks to face shields and visors. Whether trade or trade and DIY is it important to select suitable RPE  to protect against dust, mist, vapour, gas or fume. We supply leading brands including Toolpak and Trend.

Choose high-quality eye protection equipment, in the form of safety goggles or safety glasses, from established brands Scan and Beeswift. Protect your vision from particulates, water or chemicals striking the eyes.

Protective function and wearer comfort are intertwined with adjustable straps and sweatbands alongside vented safety helmets available from Beeswift.

First aid stations can be maintained or created as we supply individual required products from bandages or plasters, together with a range of HSE Compliant complete first aid kits.

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