Lintels (64)

Our range of concrete and steel lintels provide standard and heavy duty structural load bearing support in brick and block walls and are suitable for a range of building applications to horizontally support the load above. Available in a variety of profiles and sizes with the ability to brace cavity and single leaf wall openings where windows and doors are installed in buildings.

Our wall lintels are designed to be placed on a mortar bed on top of blockwork prior to floor units being laid to ensure an even load distribution whilst often propped to increase speed of construction, with the option of CFC-free thermal insulation through the core. Available with high density concrete padstones to efficiently distribute the load whilst providing good compressive supportive strength and fire resistance to ensure that constructions meet current UK Building Regulations.

At C&W Berry, we also offer an extensive range of complementary products such as bricks, building blocks and portland cement to ensure a comprehensive installation. For more information on our range, please click on the links below or telephone our friendly team on 01772 431 216.

Cavity & Solid Wall Lintels

Keystone Lintel -  X/K-90
As low as £1,355.33 Inc VAT £1,129.44 Ex VAT
Keystone Solid Wall Lintel - IBX/K
As low as £2,168.54 Inc VAT £1,807.12 Ex VAT