Roof Tile Fixings (5)

Our range of roof tile fixings are supplied by Marley and features Edgemere tile clips and Solofix tile clips. They are designed to provide the most efficient fitting of Marley tiles whilst giving the confidence that they are secure and will not weaken or break.

The Marley ‘Solofix’ tile clips make installing tiles simple, they are a one-piece clip and nail that secures tiles and they have a unique ‘Zial®’ material, guaranteeing a strong and durable fixing. These clips are also 30% faster to install than traditional clips, allowing the installation of roof tiles quicker.

Also within the range are Marley Edgemere tile clips, that are specifically designed for installing and fixing Edgemere tiles securely. They are manufactured from strong metal and are durable and are guaranteed to last.

For more information regarding product specification and suitability, please click on the links below or contact our sales team. We supply a vast range of roof tiles, in various colours and shapes.

Roof Tile Fixings

Marley Modern/Ludlow Major/Ludlow Plus Tile Clip & Nail - "Solofix" - (MA30430)
£0.36 Inc VAT £0.30 Ex VAT
Marley Mendip/Wessex Tile Clip & Nail - "Solofix" - (MA30432)
£0.36 Inc VAT £0.30 Ex VAT
Marley Double Roman Tile Clip & Nail - "Solofix" - (MA30433)
£0.36 Inc VAT £0.30 Ex VAT
Marley Edgemere Tile Clip - "Solofix"
£0.36 Inc VAT £0.30 Ex VAT
Marley Edgemere Eaves Tile Clip
£0.34 Inc VAT £0.28 Ex VAT