Tapers & Tilts (8)

Tapers and tilts are most commonly used in roofing projects or to level up cielings and floors. Produced from slown-grown timber, fillets are often fixed to the rafters at the edge of a flat roof to form an upstand, to add pitch, or to fill the gap between two joists connected at an angle. Tapers, also referred to as firrings, are commonly used to create a fall on flat roofs to make sure water runs off, but can also be utilised in levelling applications.

Both of these products are Chain of Custody certified and can be treated in a range of options including clear-vac for internal use to protect against insect attack, or Naturewood Brown and Green for use in external environments. We also supply a broad range of carcassing timber, wood screws and roofing products if required.

Tilt Fillets & Tapers

47 x 150mm Timber Tilt Fillet
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75 x 75mm Timber Taper Pieces
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