Sheaths (4)

Our variety of core sheaths in different conductor sizes for flexible trailing extension leads, portable appliances and small generators.

Cable sheathing is the plastic component of a cable and is designed to efficiently protect the conductors whilst the insulation isolates the flow of electricity. Generally certified to the highest British Standards with the ability for use even in harsh weather for mobile power supplies, worksites and visual equipment.

Our collection of colour coded cable sleeving allows the covering and bundling of cable and wires whilst offering protection against more abrasive environments. Suitable for use in a range of domestic and commercial settings that often require an earth conductor with the option of water submersion and use with electrical motors and pumps in drainage situations.

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Cable Sheathing

4.0mm 3 Core HO7RNF Cable - Per Metre
£3.42 Inc VAT £2.85 Ex VAT
PX 2183Y 0.75mm PVC Sheath 3 Core White Cable - 100 Metre Roll
£53.00 Inc VAT £44.17 Ex VAT
Doncaster HO7RNF 3 Core Black 1.5mm Black TRS Cable - 100 Metre Roll
£128.89 Inc VAT £107.41 Ex VAT
1.0mm 2 Core HO7 TRS Cable - 100 Metre Roll
£100.92 Inc VAT £84.10 Ex VAT