Desk & Pedestal Fans (5)

Our range of desk and pedestal fans are designed to keep you cool on warm summer days while working in the office or relaxing at home. Ranging in size from 6" (152mm) up to 16" (406mm) in diameter and 49" (1250mm) in height, our selection of fans are mains-powered and feature variable speed control (dependent on type). They are manufactured with tiltable or oscillating heads and are supplied in a selection of styles and sizes.

For further information regarding our range of desk, pedestal, high-velocity, and cool air tower fans, please click on the links below for further details. We also supply a range of bathroom fans and a selection of cowls and vents to improve ventilation.

Desk Fans & Pedestal Fans

Pro-Elec 6" Mini Cool Air Desk Fan
£8.34 Inc VAT £6.95 Ex VAT
Pro-Elec 9" Cool Air Desk Fan
£11.94 Inc VAT £9.95 Ex VAT