Landscape & Decking Screws (7)

Landscape & decking screws are designed to be used outdoors and can be fit together thick and heavy landscaping timber without fear of rust, due to their coatings and they are supplied by leading brands such as Timco and Reisser.

These external screws require different characteristics to those used internally, for example, they are finished with a coating that protects them from the elements and prevents rusting. These screws are sold in multiple shapes, widths, and lengths, making it easy to choose the correct screw for the job.

They are specially designed to provide strong and durable wood-to-wood connections that are corrosion-resistant. The design of these screws enables them to rapidly penetrate the timber and allows for a clean countersink, clamping the materials securely.

For more information regarding product specification and suitability, please click on the links below or contact our sales team, we sell a huge variety of screws that caters for internal or external projects.

Landscape & Decking Screws

Timco C2 Decking-Fix Countersunk Premium Decking Screws
As low as £11.58 Inc VAT £9.65 Ex VAT
Timco 6.7mm Landscape Screw
As low as £25.28 Inc VAT £21.07 Ex VAT
Landscape Screws - Box of 100
As low as £30.90 Inc VAT £25.75 Ex VAT
Reisser Decking Screw - 200 Per Tub
As low as £11.23 Inc VAT £9.36 Ex VAT
CMHH Carpenters Mate Pro Hex Head Landscape Screw 6.3mm (Each)
As low as £0.36 Inc VAT £0.30 Ex VAT
Timco Hex Head Green Timber Construction Screw - Box of 50
As low as £9.23 Inc VAT £7.69 Ex VAT
Carpenters Mate Flat Head Screws (Pack 80)
As low as £37.50 Inc VAT £31.25 Ex VAT