Pipe & Drain Test Equipment (6)

Our pipe and drain testing allows the efficient testing of air or water in drains and sewers in accordance with building regulations.

Offering the ability to test the pressure in sewers and drains with easy inflation and remote sealing whilst often resistant to chemicals and available in a range of sizes.

By simply using a series of bungs and plugs to stop pipes it allows the low pressure testing and maintenance for air and water. This diverse range of pipe testing equipment is designed to help ensure that each section of a plumbing or underground pipe system is free from leaks and fit for purpose.

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Pipe Pressure Tester

Monument 174Z Drain Test Kit
£59.44 Inc VAT £49.53 Ex VAT
Embrass Test Drain Plug
As low as £9.00 Inc VAT £7.50 Ex VAT
Embrass Air Bag Drain Stopper
As low as £29.94 Inc VAT £24.95 Ex VAT
Drain Pump U Gauge - 4"
£9.26 Inc VAT £7.72 Ex VAT
Drain Pump Rubber Tube - Per Metre
£5.75 Inc VAT £4.79 Ex VAT
1" Test Drain Cap - Brass
£3.59 Inc VAT £2.99 Ex VAT