Polish (6)

We stock a range of cleaning polishes and surface protective coatings for commercial and domestic applications.

Suitable for cleaning brass, polishing stoves, cleaning grates with the ability to polish interior floor tiles to form a shiny and wafer-thin protective coating to limit wear, scratches and the penetration of dirt.

Available in a variety of sizes and suitable for cloth or mopped application on a range of indoor surfaces with the versatility for use on glass, mirrors and chrome surfaces to prevent fingerprints, watermarks and light dirt with the option to clean and polish in one easy application.

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Cleaner Polish

Grate Polish (black) - 75ml
£5.29 Inc VAT £4.41 Ex VAT
Zip 75ml Black Grate Polish
£5.94 Inc VAT £4.95 Ex VAT
Brasso 175ml Metal Cleaner & Polish
£5.70 Inc VAT £4.75 Ex VAT
Unika Anti Static Gloss Surface Cleaner Kit
£8.00 Inc VAT £6.67 Ex VAT
HG Protective Coating 1 Litre Satin Finish Polish
£12.30 Inc VAT £10.25 Ex VAT
Gallery GFP020 170g Tin of Stove Polish
£12.97 Inc VAT £10.81 Ex VAT