Squeegees (8)

Squeegees are designed to make cleaning surfaces simple and quick as they use a rubber blade that effectively wipes the surface evenly. These squeegees are manufactured from strong plastic so they are strong yet lightweight and are supplied by top brands such as Draper.

Our range includes squeegees for different applications like for the floor and windows, floor squeegees are longer to allow for use whilst standing up, and window variants are smaller so they can be operated in tight spaces like on a ladder. Window squeegees also have ergonomic handles attached to the blade making them easy to use for extended periods of time, which is why they are extremely popular amongst window cleaners.

The Draper floor models allow for replacement handles to be used, giving the user control, for maximising comfort. The floor models typically have wider blades which allows for maximum coverage, increasing the overall efficiency and effectiveness.

For more information regarding product specification and suitability, please click on the links below or contact our sales team. We also supply a range of other cleaning materials, suitable for internal and external use.


Window Squeegee
As low as £2.10 Inc VAT £1.75 Ex VAT
Draper FSQ Rubber Floor Squeegee
As low as £6.60 Inc VAT £5.50 Ex VAT
Draper 02088 Floor Squeegee 600mm
£6.55 Inc VAT £5.46 Ex VAT
Draper 68427 Squeegee 250mm
£3.38 Inc VAT £2.82 Ex VAT
Draper 69207 Wide Squeegee Blade 300mm
£6.90 Inc VAT £5.75 Ex VAT
Draper 73860 Wide Telescopic Squeegee & Sponge 200mm
£7.80 Inc VAT £6.50 Ex VAT
Draper 76482 Silicone Squeegee 300mm
£6.84 Inc VAT £5.70 Ex VAT
Faithfull Floor Squeegee Head
As low as £5.14 Inc VAT £4.28 Ex VAT