Glazing Tools (10)

Our range of glazing tools is suitable for glass handling, lifting and cutting and features a variety of products such as nibbling pincers, glass cutters, suction lifters and more. This selection is supplied by top-quality brands like Faithfull, Draper, Silverline and Knipex.

Blades of all shapes and sizes are available, such as the moon knife, used for the quick and clean removal of sprue from window welding joints with the help of a sprue guide. Another useful knife for window work is the putty knife, which is ideal for applying and working of putty on glass.

Other glazing tools available are diamond glass cutters, an extremely effective way of cutting thin to medium glass. At C&W Berry our range also includes suction lifters for the safe transportation of products that are fragile or difficult to move.

For more product specifications and availability, please click the links below or contact our sales team. Other decorating tools are available in our large range of home and décor range.

Glazing Tools

Faithfull Moon Knife
£9.60 Inc VAT £8.00 Ex VAT
Faithfull FAI KHACK Hacking Knife
£11.04 Inc VAT £9.20 Ex VAT
Silverline 456945 Double Suction Lifter
£20.75 Inc VAT £17.29 Ex VAT
Rodo RCPK 1.5" Clipt Point Putty Knife
£5.51 Inc VAT £4.59 Ex VAT
Faithfull FAIGCSIX 6 Wheel Tungsten Carbide Wood Handled Glasscutter
£5.82 Inc VAT £4.85 Ex VAT
Faithfull FAIGC Single Wheel Glass Cutter
£4.93 Inc VAT £4.11 Ex VAT
Draper 63781 6 Wheel Pattern Glass Cutter, 125mm
£3.86 Inc VAT £3.22 Ex VAT
Draper 82673 100mm Putty Knife
£4.30 Inc VAT £3.58 Ex VAT
Draper 35477 180mm Diamond Glass Cutter
£8.51 Inc VAT £7.09 Ex VAT
Knipex 91-51-160 160mm SBE Glass Nibbling Pincers
£22.85 Inc VAT £19.04 Ex VAT