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RAK Ceramics - New 2021 Tile Book Available NowRAK Ceramics - New 2021 Tile Book Available Now

Looking to tile areas of your kitchen, bathroom or outdoor living space? If so, Rak Ceramics' range of porcelain and ceramic tiles are now available in an array of unique styles and sizes from our plumbing department. You can also take a catalogue, request a free sample, or browse a digital copy online today.

It used to be the case that tiles were only used in kitchens and bathrooms, but not anymore. Rak Ceramics range of porcelain and ceramic tiles can be used throughout the home and garden to create beautiful and practical spaces. RAK's range is unique in appearance and is available in a selection of tailored designs including marble, metal, wood, and concrete-effect.

RAK Ceramic Marble TilesRAK Ceramic Marble Tiles


Design your luxury interiors with a timeless charm

This wide collection of products is inspired by the elegance of marble, and offers hundreds of solutions for business and residential settings. Classy marble and granite patterns with elegant veins create a sophisticated ambiance, and look beautiful no matter where they're placed. When you select a Marble-effect tile, you choose the timeless beauty of one of the finest materials in nature. Combining it with all the advantages of porcelain and ceramic tiles in terms of performance, durability and ease of installation, and you have a truly spectacular combination.


All the variations of a fascinating material

The Metal-effect collection combines the dramatic effects and contrasting colours of raw metal with the durability of ceramic/porcelain. With a bold and arresting appearance, the Metal collection for wall and floor is perfect for urban and industrial settings.

Metal-effect tiles are offered in a wide range of plain and decor: roughly ground steel, aged bronze, rusty metal sheet, etc. The range perfectly matches with any interior and decorative style, giving life to spaces that are both elegant and surprising.

RAK Ceramic Metal Effect TilesRAK Ceramic Metal Effect Tiles

RAK Ceramic Wood Effect TilesRAK Ceramic Wood Effect Tiles


Be inspired by wood-effect tiles

Natural-looking tiles are one of the key trends for indoor and outdoor floors, and wood is one of the most popular choices thanks to its versatility and beauty. Combining the aesthetic quality of natural timber with the durability of porcelain, Wood-effect tiles are the perfect option for those wanting to mimic the appearance in contemporary environments.

Parquet floor tiles give any room the elegant look of hardwood in an eco-friendly way. Plus they're waterproof, highly resistant to scratches and chemicals, easy to clean and resistant to heat and frost.


No better way to create a relaxing environment

The rugged, but beautiful appearance of stone make these tiles an eye-catching but solid choice for any room of the house or garden.

RAK Ceramics’ stone collection is inspired by various types of stone and is the ideal choice to create a welcoming atmosphere that suits both modern and traditional environments; providing a sensation of wellness and relaxation.

RAK Ceramic Stone Effect TilesRAK Ceramic Stone Effect Tiles

RAK Ceramic Concrete Effect TilesRAK Ceramic Concrete Effect Tiles


The ultimate expression of minimalism

The Concrete collection makes a powerful statement with its sheer simplicity. No fuss, no frills - just pure, urban perfection. With its neutral colour and natural texture, the concrete-look tiles are the ideal choice in creating a minimalist look and feel.

It is a versatile collection that is well suited in a contemporary, minimalist settings, and is ideal for both residential or industrial ambiances.

Ceramic Wall Tiles

The only limit is imagination

With the continuous developments in ceramic technology, all types of surfaces can now be reproduced: natural wood effect, metal effect, concrete coatings and more.

These ceramic tile collections are incredibly eye-catching, and come in a wide range of structures and colours: from the latest pastel tones to the most intense material effects. The range of possibilities becomes even bigger, thanks to the wide choice of sizes, from small bricks to large tiles.

RAK Ceramic Wall TilesRAK Ceramic Wall Tiles

To view the new Rak Ceramics catalogue in full, take a look at our online PDF version, or pop in-store to our plumbing department and pick up your free copy. You can also get in touch with us by calling 01772 431 216 or sending us an email to [email protected].

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