Pipe Insulation (15)

Our range of pipe insulation is designed to improve energy efficiency, conserve heat and reduce the effects of corrosion on interior and exterior pipework. At C & W Berry, we offer a selection of options from leading brands such as Armaflex® and Climaflex®, as well as more traditional alternatives contrived from a blend of animal, vegetable and man-made fibres.

Pipe lagging is commonly used on water supply lines that are exposed to exterior walls or in unheated loft spaces. It helps to prevent pipes from bursting during harsh winter conditions, reduces pop and flow noises on water lines and increases the service life of a plumbing system once installed. Pipe insulation also improves energy efficiency on hot water lines and can considerably reduce the day-to-day cost of heating a home.

Additionally, rubber and plastic foam insulation helps to mitigate the risk of water vapour from forming on the surface of pipework. When pipes operate at below-ambient temperatures and encounter warm, humid air the risk of condensation is increased. Our range of pipe insulation reduces this probability and protects pipework from prolonged surface corrosion.

Elastomeric and polyethylene foam options such as Armaflex® HT and Climaflex® are also suitable for insulating exterior pipe lines due to the materials resistance to ageing, ultraviolet light and weathering.

For more information regarding product specification, fire performance ratings, environmental suitability and availability, please click on the links below to find out more. We also offer an extensive range of insulation materials designed to improve heat retention in cavity walls and lofts if required.

Armaflex & Climaflex Pipe Insulation

Armaflex Class O Pipe Insulation - 28 x 25mm Wall
£24.54 Inc VAT £20.45 Ex VAT As low as £21.11 Inc VAT
Condensate Pro Combi Pack - IG008
£28.80 Inc VAT £24.00 Ex VAT