Collated Dry Wall Screws (2)

Collated dry wall screws are held together in a plastic case which reduces the chances of the screws jamming when used with an auto-feeder. These screws are supplied by top quality brand, Senco.

Our range of collated dry wall screws are finished with a black phosphate coating which increases their friction and corrosion protection. The coarse threads provide a superior grip to the wood with increased holding strength. These screws can penetrate through studding or batons with speed and precision without causing surface damage to the board.

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Collated Dry Wall Screws

Senco 39A MP DuraSpin Drywall to Wood Collated Screws - Box of 1000
As low as £15.77 Inc VAT £13.14 Ex VAT
Senco 39B MP DuraSpin Drywall to Light Steel Collated Drywall Screws – Box of 1000
As low as £16.92 Inc VAT £14.10 Ex VAT