Hinge & Specialist Jigs (8)

We stock easy-to-use hinge and specialist jigs from top brands including Trend and Jigtech.

Generally made from tough lightweight polymer and steel construction to allow precision installation often with highly intuitive operation to encourage use by both novices and tradesmen.

Offering the ability to bore clean fast holes without tear-out for accurate concealed hinges, install cabinet doors and position knobs and shelves with built-in measurement for consistent spacing and alignment to allow accurate placement.

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Jig Tool

Kreg KMA3232-INT 5mm Shelf Pin Jig
£39.19 Inc VAT £32.66 Ex VAT
Kreg KHI-CDIJ-INT Cabinet Door Mounting Jig
£32.92 Inc VAT £27.43 Ex VAT
Kreg KHI-PULL-INT Cabinet Hardware Jig
£32.92 Inc VAT £27.43 Ex VAT
Kreg KHI-HINGE-INT Concealed Hinge Jig
£32.92 Inc VAT £27.43 Ex VAT
Kreg KHI-SLIDE-INT Drawer Slide Jig
£32.92 Inc VAT £27.43 Ex VAT
Kreg KHI-BIT 35mm Concealed Hinge Bit
£19.58 Inc VAT £16.32 Ex VAT
Jigtech Pro Installation Kit c/w Jig, Holesaws & Arbours JTP6000
£65.40 Inc VAT £54.50 Ex VAT
Replacement Bradawl for Hinge Jigs
£7.44 Inc VAT £6.20 Ex VAT