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Stairs from a contemporary balustrade and straight flights to wall mounted handrails and staircase parts at C & W Berry stock it all. With an extensive high-quality range of Stairparts to suit any home. As staircase manufacturer with technically knowledgeable in-house experts we can be your go-to location to enhance the entrance to your home.

Where you are looking to restyle your staircase, replacement balustrades are a popular choice.
The balustrade is the lining to the staircase, the handrail that runs along the outer edge of the steps which are fixed to one wall. The balustrade is often formed up of a base-rail, spindles a handrail and newels. Traditionally used spindles, can also be solid or paneled, with materials that can range from safety glass to metal.
Changing the balustrade can dramatically impact upon the design aesthetic of the room that the stair is situated within; changing its appearance from traditional to modern or contemporary.
The banister or handrail is the upper part of the balustrade which forms a safe handhold for those going up or down. While individual regulations should be always be checked and adhered to, in the UK the minimum acceptable height for the stair handrail in a home is 900mm.
The purpose of these is to add stability and safety during use. They also add aesthetic appeal and you can shop for the style that suits your personal preference.
We supply Newel posts which are the central supporting pillars of the staircase, alongside newel caps ranging from classic to scrolls.
Wall mounted handrails can also be added to mirror these running down the balustrade to provide an additional handhold.
With a diverse range of materials, fixings, and finishes we are confident you will be able to find what you are looking for.

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