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Timber Guide

Here at C&W Berry, we stock a comprehensive selection of timber products that are suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you are looking to construct your own furniture, build an outbuilding in your garden, or replace some of the structural timber in your home, we have the right option for you. All our timber is Chain of Custody certified and is sourced from sustainable forests throughout Northern Europe.

Carcassing Timber

Carcassing timber, often referred to as rough sawn timber, is typically used in structural applications and is often utilised as floor joists, rafters, and purlins (size dependent). Despite being called rough sawn timber, our range of carcassing is available with eased edges, meaning it is far smoother than the name suggests.

Sourced from sustainable forests and Chain of Custody certified, most sections are graded to a minimum of C16 in accordance with BS 4978:2007+A2:2017. This means the timber has been purposefully selected to be capable of withstanding stress and weight in structural applications (providing the correct size and section is selected for the right job). In addition to C16, we also supply C24 upon request that is ideal for structural applications where a higher grade of timber is required.

Our range of carcassing timber is also often seasoned, meaning the timber, once cut, has been kiln dried. This drying process is designed to reduce movement, such as bending and twisting that is often caused by moisture in the core of the timber (movement can still occur with this being a natural product).

CLS Timber & Scant

CLS and scant timber is primarily used internally and is suitable for studwork, framing and internal partitioning.

CLS stands for Canadian Lumber Standard and is a thoroughly planed timber, providing a smaller section and a more accurate tolerance. With smooth rounded edges, CLS has the benefit of being easy to handle and transport. Scant is similarly planed but has square edges and often finishes at a slightly greater size.

Planed All Round (PAR) Timber

PAR timber is machined from high quality timber, creating a smooth plank with square edges. This timber is not graded like our carcassing timber and should not be used in structural applications. Planed all round is more suited for applications where the appearance of the timber is more important than its structural qualities, such as furniture or shelving etc.

Our planed timber, along with our softwood mouldings (including skirting boards, floorboards and cladding boards) are carried in mixed and random lengths. This will mean that we may be unable to provide large quantities of the required lengths, and in these instances, we may need to provide running metres to cover the order (for example if you ordered 100 lengths of 2.4m, we would still provide 240m of that section of timber). While we will always endeavour to meet the demands of the order, we cannot guarantee lengths.

Timber Treatment

At C&W Berry, we have the capability to treat your timber to order for you and have three different methods available which include, Clear Vac, Naturewood Brown and Naturewood Green.

Clear Vac treatment provides protection against fungal decay and insect attack and has the added benefit of being relatively clear (there can sometimes be a slight yellow tinge to the timber which will fade in time) making painting and staining easier. This makes this treatment option more suited for internal projects, such as joists, skirting or architrave.

Naturewood Brown and Green both offer the same level of treatment as the other, with the only real difference being the colour. As per the Clear Vac treatment, these options provide protection against insect attack and fungal decay, but also help to prevent against wet rot and decay caused by ground contact. This makes these treatment options ideal for external applications such as a decking base or fence post.

Most of the timber we offer is supplied untreated but can be treated to order. This will often increase the lead time and usually takes up to a week from order to delivery. We have some exceptions where some of our timber is pre-treated and the main two examples of this are our fencing grade timber and our treated timber battens.

Types of Timber

Traditionally timber has been split into two main types, Hardwood and Softwood. We stock a range of timber in both these types all suitable for particular construction and joinery tasks. For more information, please view: Timber, Commonly Answered Questions Answered.


Whatever the customers needs, C & W Berry can manufacture any particular size or shape of timber. We can use either our main sawmill located at Braconash Road or alternatively our King Street Joinery department can produce just about any special or built-up moulding.

Sheet Materials

A wide range of timber based sheet materials are available from stock.

MDF Mouldings

There are major advantages of MDF Mouldings over solid wood including major reductions in time and waste. All of our MDF Mouldings are twice primed and denibbed giving you a quality product first time, every time!