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Commercial Balustrade

From galvanised tube to elbows, tees and stop ends C & W Berry can supply a wide range of commercial balustade ideal for making safety barriers and rails.

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  1. Interclamp A1045147 C Tube Type 147-C42 Internal Swivel Tee
  2. Interclamp A1045150 C Tube Type 150-C42 Internal Expansion Joint
  3. Interclamp A1045152 C Tube Type 152-C42 (0°-11°) Base Angled
  4. Interclamp A1045153 C Tube Type 153-C42 Short Tee (0°- 11°)
  5. Interclamp A1045154 C Tube Type 154-C42 Slop Elbow (0°-11°)
  6. Interclamp A1045156 C Tube Type 156-C42 Slope Cross (Middle Rail) (0°- 11°)
  7. Interclamp A1045166 C Tube Type 166-C42 Adjustable Knuckle
  8. Interclamp A1045169 C Tube Type 169-C42 Swivel Wall Fixing
  9. Interclamp 302 Flexi Ratchet & Bit Kit
    Interclamp 302 Flexi Ratchet & Bit Kit From £27.270 ex VAT £32.720 inc VAT
    More Info Buy
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