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Fence Panels & Garden Trellis

DTP Fence Panels and Garden Trellis from timber Waney lap and close board timber fencing, to flat or arched top trellis. These popular boundaries add security, privacy and kerb appeal to your garden. Detering unwanted visitors and allowing you to enjoy seclusion in your outdoor space. Trellis panels can provide additional fence height, decoration and support for climbing plants, It can also be used to screen or divide areas within the garden. Trade and DIY customer always welcome.

Popular Timber Fence designs including waney lap and feather edged are all in stock at competitive prices.
Trellises create a subtle boundary and are counted as a temporary structure by councils with present advice being that you would not require planning permission as long as the boundary is within the council height limits, but it is best to check this for your own area. Weaving plants or outdoor lights through trellises at the top of fencing can be a great addition to a garden.
Picket style fencing creates a simple cottage or American colonial style boundary. Low cost and easy to paint or treat with stain, constructed with horizontal rails with evenly spaced vertical pickets.
Waney lap fencing panels are the most popular style in the UK. The overlapping horizontal sections make provide a heavy-duty, thicker design. These are braced on the back for additional support.
Feather-edged designs are built to last, to be strong and provide privacy. This type of panel is constructed from vertical boards secured at the back with a horizontal batten.
Whether you are screening off unsightly areas or creating a relaxing outdoor room, with so many designs we are confident that you will find a product to complete your project.

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