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Radiators circulating heat by convection, a heat source providing interior warmth, heating system component often supplied by pipes to spread hot water or steam across the home.

Adding a design touch or simply heating your home and wish to know a little more about the different products? This brief outline may help:
How does convection heating work? Convection heating is the result of the circulation of both internal water and external air. Room temperature is quickly improved as the water heat rises resulting in heating output and the attraction of cooler air down to the appliance. Convector heaters have a lower touch temperature and can be the safer choice for homes with young children or pets.
Towel heaters with elegant chrome in a bar or larger ladder design are often a style choice for the bathroom. Functionality and comfort are combined in many heated towel rails and towel warmers. Creating an ambient room temperature and the luxury of towels that are warm to the touch.
Kickspace heaters allow you to heat a kitchen space without the need for the source to be wall mounted. Where space is at a premium this solution creates more wall space for appliances or storage. Plinth heaters conveniently utilize the lower plinth area of kitchen units.
Additional portable heaters also enable you to position the heat source around the home or working environment.
Whatever your preferred style, If you are considering improving the warmth in your environment we can support you to make the best heating choices.

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