Aerated Blocks (3)

Our range of different sized aerated blocks are suitable for use above and below DPC and as infill for beam and block flooring and offer a cost effective lightweight concrete blocks for building a breeze block walls, foundations, separating walls and partitions.

Our range of strong and lightweight aerated blocks from Plasmor and Thomas Armstrong are suitable for internal and external applications and offer excellent thermal and acoustic properties with a porous structure that has good vapour permeability. Available in options up to 7 Newtons in strength in a range of standard sizes they offer the ability to meet the requirements of your next building project.

Our concrete building blocks are made from recyclable material and offer the versatility to be sawn and easily cut for hole and chasers . Aerated blocks are suitable for use when constructing domestic and commercial housing, hospitals, schools and warehouses whilst lightweight and easy to handle with fire and insect resistance.

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Hollow Breeze Blocks

Tarmac Toplite Standard Concrete Blocks 3.6N - 440 x 215 x 100mm
£2.11 Inc VAT £1.76 Ex VAT
Buy 270 for £1.71 Ex VAT£2.06 Inc VAT each and save 3%
Tarmac Toplite Aerated Blocks - 440 x 215 x 140mm
As low as £3.08 Inc VAT £2.57 Ex VAT
Tarmac Toplite Trench Block 3.6N - 440 x 300 x 215mm
£6.64 Inc VAT £5.53 Ex VAT
Buy 45 for £4.98 Ex VAT£5.98 Inc VAT each and save 10%