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Cavity Closers (7)

Cavity Closers are used to bridge the gap and close off a cavity around door and window reveal. Providing excellent resistance to weathering, these strips help to reduce mould growth, control moisture migration and help to prevent cold bridging. Easily installed and economical, cavity closers provide a layer of insulation between the cavity opening and are designed to reduce heat loss.

Capable of accepting all window and door frames, Dacatie cavity closers are secured using universal fixing ties between the joint. They are available in a range of sizes and are designed for use between two individual masonry walls that include an air space. Our range complies with Part L of the Building Regulations 2010, are environmentally friendly and have a green guide rating of A+.

At C&W Berry, we also offer an extensive range of complementary products such as cavity trays, cavity wall insulation batts and ventillation products to ensure a comprehensive installation. For more information on our range, please click on the links below or telephone our friendly team on 01772 431 216.

Dacatie Cavity Closers & Fixings

Dacatie TF1 Cavity Closer - 2100 x 100mm (First & Second Fix)
£7.92 Inc VAT £6.60 Ex VAT
Dacatie Supafix Insulated Cavity Closer - 3000mm (Second Fix)
As low as £9.64 Inc VAT £8.03 Ex VAT
Dacatie TF1 Cavity Closer - 3000mm (First & Second Fix)
As low as £11.32 Inc VAT £9.43 Ex VAT
Dacatie TF2000 Insulated Cavity Closer - 3000mm (First & Second Fix)
As low as £18.71 Inc VAT £15.59 Ex VAT
Dacatie DTU Polypropylene Universal Fixing Tie
£13.82 Inc VAT £11.52 Ex VAT
ARC TBR130/25 T-Barrier Pitched Roof P/W 130mm Cavity - 6 Per Pack
£133.19 Inc VAT £110.99 Ex VAT
ARC SPB130/100 Spandrel Barrier 12 Per Pack - 140/120 x 25/230 x 1200
£228.95 Inc VAT £190.79 Ex VAT