Fire Cement (2)

Fire cement is manufactured from thermo setting resins and inorganic fillers that cure when exposed to heat and is used in domestic and commercial applications. Resistant to temperatures up to +1,250°C (dependent on type), our range of refractory cement is asbestos-free and is supplied in a selection of size options. It is commonly applied to cracks that are exposed to heat and helps to prevent smoke and fumes escaping through joints once set.

Ideal for general purpose repairs, our range is manufactured by Everbuild and Knowles and is commonly applied on a range of materials including firebricks and backs, blockworks, stone, clayware, and other materials that are subject to extreme heat.

For technical information regarding our range of ready mixed fire cements, please click on the links below. We also supply a wide range of brick jointers, fire backs and stove spares if you are making repairs to a solid fuel stove.

Refractory Cement

Everbuild 104 Fire Cement
As low as £2.76 Inc VAT £2.30 Ex VAT
Knowles KFC Ready Mixed Fire Cement - 25 Kg
£50.81 Inc VAT £42.34 Ex VAT