Concrete (6)

Our high strength ready mix concrete provides up to 40N of strength and is typically used to create footings, foundations, and around manholes. Our range of easy-to-handle concrete mixes from Hanson are suitable for general purpose concrete projects including steps, wall foundations and paths and offer the convenience of being easy to use by simply adding water and mixing with the ability for improved durability and strength via the addition of reinforcing fibres, metal rods, cables and mesh.

Dry mix concrete material consists of cement, sand and small stones and is strong in compression and, prior to hardening, it is a very pliable substance that can be easily shaped into floor slabs, paths and garage and shed bases whilst conforming to British and European standards and being non-combustible.

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Dry Concrete Mix

Hanson Castle Concrete Mix 40N - 25Kg
£8.10 Inc VAT £6.75 Ex VAT
SikaCim No Crack Concrete Fibres - 0.75Kg
£7.14 Inc VAT £5.95 Ex VAT
Adfil Fibrin XT Concrete Fibres - 0.91Kg
£5.21 Inc VAT £4.34 Ex VAT
Vitrex SPR500 Aeration Spiked Roller - 500mm
£38.57 Inc VAT £32.14 Ex VAT
Draper 71260 Smoothing Lute/Spazzle with Ash Shaft
£42.06 Inc VAT £35.05 Ex VAT
Bulldog BDAP1 Aluminium Concrete Placer
£32.45 Inc VAT £27.04 Ex VAT