Loft Insulation (6)

Our strong, resilient and flexible rolls of multi-sized acoustic loft insulation slabs and rolls reduce heat loss in old and new residential properties and will not sustain vermin, fungi or bacteria. We provide loft roll insulation from premium brands including Isover and Rockwool that is manufactured from mineral wool to improve thermal and acoustic performance, with reduced vibration, whilst non-combustible with A1 fire rating.

Fibreglass loft insulation is generally placed between rafters and offers a durable, water repellent, non-directional fibre orientation with an open pore structure that also traps sound waves with the ability to withstand high temperatures. For more information regarding our range of products or if you require any advice please telephone our main sales line on 01772 431 216 or drop us an email at [email protected].

Loft Insulation Material

Isover Spacesaver Loft Insulation Roll - 1160mm
As low as £41.28 Inc VAT £34.40 Ex VAT
Isover Spacesaver Ready Cut Loft Insulation Roll - 12.18m x 386 x 100mm (3 Pack)
£53.88 Inc VAT £44.90 Ex VAT
Buy 12 for £40.41 Ex VAT£48.49 Inc VAT each and save 10%
Rockwool Thermal Insulation Twin Roll - 2750 x (2 x 1200mm) x 100mm
£63.01 Inc VAT £52.51 Ex VAT
Buy 15 for £47.26 Ex VAT£56.71 Inc VAT each and save 10%
ARC SSL150/600/500 Soffit Slab - 600 x 500 x 150mm (6 Per Pack)
£120.94 Inc VAT £100.78 Ex VAT
Loftleg Loft Storage Stilts - 175 x 76 x 38mm (12 Pack)
£1.46 Inc VAT £1.22 Ex VAT
Buy 12 for £1.10 Ex VAT£1.32 Inc VAT each and save 10%
Loft Leg Loft Storage Stilts - 175mm
£1.42 Inc VAT £1.18 Ex VAT
Buy 12 for £1.07 Ex VAT£1.28 Inc VAT each and save 9%