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Softwood Beads (5)

Softwood beads can be painted, stained and varnishing and are ideal for adding the finishing touch and we stock a range of different profiles such as an ‘L’ profile, splayed and quadrant beads.

These softwood beads can be used to finish off most internal joinery projects if additional decoration is required, they can be can cut down and customised to fit with the job and our range contains different profiles and shapes, making it easy to find the correct one. These beads are not for structural use, but excel in tidying rough edges on projects, such as at the bottom of a wall, door or bath.

For more product specifications and suitability information, please click the links below or contact our sales team. We sell a large variety of mouldings, guaranteeing you will be able to find the product you need.

Softwood Beads

Softwood Angle Bead
As low as £2.42 Inc VAT £2.02 Ex VAT
Softwood 7.5mm PAR Stripwood Bead
As low as £1.67 Inc VAT £1.39 Ex VAT
Softwood Quadrant Bead
As low as £1.67 Inc VAT £1.39 Ex VAT
Softwood Splayed Glazing Bead
As low as £4.72 Inc VAT £3.93 Ex VAT
38 x 25mm Drip Mould Section Pattern 50a - Softwood
As low as £1.33 Inc VAT £1.11 Ex VAT