Tarmac & Asphalt (3)

Our range of tarmac and asphalt from leading manufacturer’s including Ultracrete, Hanson and Laybond allows the permanent patching for fast setting repair of mortars and high-performance concretes on road and car park repairs.

Deeper holes may be cost-effectively repaired in most weather conditions using a layer-on-layer method and often used with Seal and Tack spray to waterproof and increase the bond of the material to the substrate. We offer rapid setting, easy to use tarmac drive and pothole repair, even for heavy wear areas, that can be cold laid and simply raked into position and can often be instantly trafficable.

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Driveway Repair

Hanson Tarmac Maxi Pack SSMAC
£10.61 Inc VAT £8.84 Ex VAT
Buy 57 for £7.91 Ex VAT£9.49 Inc VAT each and save 11%
Ultracrete Bitumen Spray Cold Joint Sealer & Tack Coat SCJ 750ml
£17.40 Inc VAT £14.50 Ex VAT
Ultracrete Permanent Pothole Repair Cold Lay Asphalt - 25kg
£24.66 Inc VAT £20.55 Ex VAT