CLS Timber (5)

CLS and scant are the most popular options for creating stud walling, internal partitioning and frames. CLS timber, also referred to as Canadian Lumber Standard, comes planed on all four sides to ensure accurate tolerances and is finished with rounded corners for ease of handling. Scant is similarly planed, but the edges are machined with a square finish.

Grown in environments that cause a slower growth rate and tighter grain, CLS and Scant timber ensure high levels of strength and stability. They are both sourced from sustainable forests and are Chain of Custody certified. The timber is then kiln dried and can be treated in a range of options including clear-vac to prevent against dry rot in internal environments, or Naturewood Brown or Green for external applications inolving ground contact.

For more information regarding availability and suitability, please click on the links below. You may also want to add screws, plasterboard, and plasterboard fixings to your order.

CLS Timber & Scant Timber

CLS Timber - 4800 x 63 x 38mm
£10.21 Inc VAT £8.51 Ex VAT
CLS Timber - 2400 x 89 x 38mm
£7.56 Inc VAT £6.30 Ex VAT
CLS Timber - 3000 x 89 x 38mm
£9.46 Inc VAT £7.88 Ex VAT
CLS Timber - 4800 x 89 x 38mm
£15.12 Inc VAT £12.60 Ex VAT
42mm x 70mm Scant Timber
As low as £6.48 Inc VAT £5.40 Ex VAT