Isolator Switches (6)

Our surge protected fuse box isolator switches are available in a range of ratings and pole options to control electricity supply and allowing for maintenance.

Available in a range of sizes for DIN rail fitting in order to act as a circuit breaker on mains electrical supply and generally featuring a positive contact indicator.

Designed to help protect devices from voltage fluctuations whilst allowing the isolation of a device from power to allow repair or replacement whilst helping to prevent electric shocks.

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Electrical Isolator Switch

BG CUSW100 100A Main Switch
£5.86 Inc VAT £4.88 Ex VAT
Europa ISO100-2 100A Double Pole Mainswitch/Isolator
£8.46 Inc VAT £7.05 Ex VAT
Contactum CPD100 100A 2 Pole Isolator
£8.60 Inc VAT £7.17 Ex VAT
Contactum CPD1254 125A 4 Pole Incoming Switch - 80 x 71 x 70mm
£17.10 Inc VAT £14.25 Ex VAT
Wylex WS102 100A Main Switch Double Pole
£17.23 Inc VAT £14.36 Ex VAT
Wylex REC2S 100A Double Pole Metered Supply Isolator
£20.98 Inc VAT £17.48 Ex VAT