Electric Meters (2)

Our electric meters are low-cost, compact and easy to install making them ideal for any domestic or commercial properties. The units have clear displays, making taking readings from them easy and our range includes products from leading brand Kohler.

A single-phase electricity check meter is available and it provides a large, easy-to-read display and multiple parameters. It is a versatile metering solution that can be used for multiple applications and allows you to scroll through the date, time, total energy consumed (kWh) and maximum demand (kW) including the time stamp.

Also within our range is a single-phase digital check meter that is suitable for recording electricity and the Bakelite casing is designed for direct connection to domestic electricity mains and it has an LCD display, making it easy to read. This meter is easy to install and maintain, improving the unit’s and home’s overall safety.

For more information regarding product specification and suitability, please click on the links below or contact our sales team. We also supply a range of consumer units and RCBOs, ensuring a safe electric system within the property.

Electric Meters

100A Single Phase Digital Check Meter
£41.99 Inc VAT £34.99 Ex VAT
Kohler AEL MF 11-1 Single Phase Electricity Check Meter
£43.20 Inc VAT £36.00 Ex VAT