Multifunction Testers (9)

Our malfunction testers allow electricians to safely test low voltage circuits and wiring installations to ensure regulation compliance.

Designed for use in electrical and automotive applications often with rotary function selection with test probes to measure AC and DC voltage, DC current and resistance in domestic, commercial and industrial applications with analogue and digital displays for fast, precise and reliable measurements.

Our range of safe and efficient multifunction testers from leading brands including Niglon, Laserline and DiLog perform tests required by UK BS7671 18th edition wiring regulations to ensure they are a staple in most hobbyist, diyer and electricians tool boxes.

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Multifunction Tester

Di-Log ML9073 Mains Lead for Multifunction Testers
£22.61 Inc VAT £18.84 Ex VAT
Di-Log TL1000 Standard 4mm Lead Set
£26.09 Inc VAT £21.74 Ex VAT
Di-Log LS3W9073 Multifunction Tester 3 Wire Lead Set
£46.10 Inc VAT £38.42 Ex VAT
Niglon NTM-02 Pocket Multi Meter
£18.49 Inc VAT £15.41 Ex VAT
Laserliner 083.030A Multimeter Home
£29.39 Inc VAT £24.49 Ex VAT
Di-Log DL9206 Compact 1000V Digital Multimeter
£62.63 Inc VAT £52.19 Ex VAT
Martindale ET4000 Multifunction Tester
£572.70 Inc VAT £477.25 Ex VAT
Draper 37317 Pocket Analogue Multimeter
£14.88 Inc VAT £12.40 Ex VAT
Draper 41834 Insulation Resistance Meter
£141.52 Inc VAT £117.93 Ex VAT