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Expansion Joint Fillers (3)

We supply a range of expansion joint fillers that offer very low water absorption and are typically made from flexible polymers required for joints that are vulnerable to moving parts.

Our selection of fillers for expansion joints are ideal for sealing cladding panels, wall tiles, granite, metal and timber as well as use with brick and blockwork. Expansion joint filler materials are chosen for their ability to absorb impact and expand or contract along with the rest of the structure without cracking or separating.

For more information regarding our range of products or if you require any advice please telephone our main sales line on 01772 431 216 or drop us an email at [email protected]

Compressible Filler

Polyethylene Joint Filler - 10 Metre Roll
As low as £5.64 Inc VAT £4.70 Ex VAT
Fillcrete Brickfill Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam For Movement Joints - 10mtr x 10mm
As low as £15.00 Inc VAT £12.50 Ex VAT
Geocel 201 380ml One Part Polysulphide
As low as £5.72 Inc VAT £4.77 Ex VAT