Plasticiser (4)

Plasticiser is designed to improve the workability of cement-based mortars and increase the resistance to freeze and thaw cycles. These are provided by leading brands Febmix, SikaMix and more.

Plasticiser comes in various forms such as liquid or powdered and helps to manipulate cement-based mortars easier, when applying and working. A liquid plasticiser will produce a ‘fatty’ mortar with excellent workability and reduces water demand, increasing the overall strength. Powdered plasticiser can be used as an alternative to lime whilst able to aid the durability of mortar and they are designed to greatly enhance its working properties.

Read the instructions on the container carefully and ensure the mix contains the correct ratios. For more information regarding product specification and suitability, please click on the links below or contact our sales team. We stock a large variety of adhesives sealants and chemicals, for multiple different trades.


Febmix DH Powdered Plasticiser - 25kg
£56.76 Inc VAT £47.30 Ex VAT
Sika MaxMix Concentrated Mortar Plasticiser - 1 Litre
£7.14 Inc VAT £5.95 Ex VAT
Buy 6 for £5.55 Ex VAT£6.66 Inc VAT each and save 7%
SikaMix +
As low as £3.96 Inc VAT £3.30 Ex VAT
Bostik Cementone Concentrated Mortar Plasticiser 1Ltr
£8.34 Inc VAT £6.95 Ex VAT